The hospital is accessible
by car or public transportation, including subway, bus, and taxi.
Space is limited. The use of parking facilities by visitors on non-hospital business causes inconvenience for patients.
Parking office
Parking rates
Parking rates
Outpatients/medical checkup 4 hours (with validation) W500/10 minutes afterwards
Check-in/check-out date Free with validation
Emergency vehicles/official visitors 1 hour free (with validation) W500/10 minutes afterwards
Funeral hall visitors 1 hour free W500/10 minutes afterwards
Handicapped 50% with welfare cards W500/10 minutes afterwards
Visitors 10 min free/W1,000/30 minutes
W3,000/60 minutes
W500/10 minutes afterwards
Notes :
  • 1. Please present medical bills for free parking.
  • 2. Parking rates apply for in-hospital stays.
  • 3. Official vehicles are eligible for one hour of free parking with official validation.
  • 4. The hospital is not responsible for damage to vehicles.